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Archives, Marine Terrace

Wolff's carbon pencil, conte and paraloid B67 on hardwood ply

702 x 1221 x 9mm, Rorik Smith, 2012

180 x 180' octahedral panorama, drawn on location, sight size at working distance standing of 16 inches from the picture plane horizon.

Investigating and recording the character of the reading room at the Ceredigion County Archives formerly Queens Hotel, Aberystwyth, prior to their relocation to a new building. Amid broader questions about the value and identity of physical archives and their significance to a changing society. The method  employed could be said to involve relating empirical observations as visual propositions in a synthetic analytical framework, rendered in an evocative, direct and decidedly subjective handling.

Library, Corporation St.

Wolff's carbon pencil, conte and paraloid B67 on hardwood ply 

702 x 1221 x 9mm, Rorik Smith, 2012

The composition, executed on site, prior to the relocation of the town library, is calculated to disorient, to convey a sense of uncertainty, while retaining a sense of sublime and overwhelming awe felt when faced with the sheer volume of information which libraries contain. Aiming to encapsulate the opportunity, absurdity and ultimate futility of attempting to make sense of it all. With reference to Borges;

"The Universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite, perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galleries... from any hexagon one can see the floors above and below" Borges, the Library of Babel, 2000, from Collected fictions, translated by Andrew Hurley, 1998.

Ex Libris Old College

Wolff's carbon pencil, conte and linseed oil on hardwood ply 

702 x 1221 x 9mm, Rorik Smith, 2011

Purpose built to house the library of Aberystwyth University since its inception, but long superseded by new libraries with better facilities on the main campus. The ornate, eclectic and enigmatic space, though devoid of books, retains its atmosphere, still serving as a silent study area. Its hand crafted empty shelves act as a potent cathode to new questions, while the cavernous wood clad barrel vaulting continues to induce the aspiration intended by its architect. The images below chart the development of the projection employed, strikingly similar to the Cahill Butterfly map. Picture wire was attached to each vanishing point,  allowing rapid projection by intersection upon multiple axes, while retaining an organic quality of line.  


Studio, West Classroom

Distemper on canvass

425 x 290mm, Rorik Smith, 2010

Ten point perspective, total view, painted on site, by eye,

exploring the advantages of a trichromatic palette and radiant, form-following trattegio hatching.

Self referential reportage obliquely addressing the issue of underpopulated studios in Art departments.

Representing an initial departure into multiple point perspectives as pioneered by Dick Termes, resulting from attempting to answer the question; what happens when you put a vanishing point at each corner of an equilateral triangle? 

work / panoramic

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